• Q1 + Q2 Donations to Xerces Society and Save Our Monarchs

    Admittedly, we’re extremely late in making our quarterly donations this year. We’ve been hearing more about Monarch butterflies being endangered so much so that they’re close to extinction. We did some research and came across two non-profit organizations, The Xerces Society and Save Our Monarchs to make our donations.
  • Fern x Flow Donation to Indigenous-Led Environmental Organizations

    In continuing with our quarterly donations, it's time we announce the most recent one for 5% of sales from October through December 2021. We polled our customers and followers, and they decided we should split our largest donation amount ever, totaling $878, into two separate donations. Read more to learn how we decided to make these donations to Indigenous-led environmental groups.
  • Fern x Flow Makes 3rd Quarter Donation to NRDC

    Continuing with the quarterly donations, we're announcing our next donation for the 3rd quarter of 2021 - consisting of all sales from the website, wholesale orders, and live event for months of July, August and September. While we are late to donate, Thanksgiving seems like a fitting day to make/announce this next donation.
  • Fern x Flow Donates $200+ to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    As many of you know, part of Fern x Flow's mission is to give back to the environment by donating 5% of our sales to eco-friendly organizations who help protect and maintain the natural world. This month's donation is the largest amount we've donated to date! Continue reading to learn more about the organization who tirelessly defends the Earth's oceans.
  • Fern x Flow Donates $100 to National Park Foundation

    Thanks to all of our incredible customers, we just made our second donation! We were, again, able to donate $100 (5% of sales from January - March). This time around, we wanted to make a donation to an organization with a mission that stretched beyond the borders of Massachusetts.
  • Fern x Flow Donate Soy Candle Gift Basket to The Wish Project

    Recently, we donated a soy candle gift basket with our new Signature Collection and candle accessories to The Wish Project's Open Your Heart Winter Gala Online Auction. This basket and other items will be auctioned off to support the many projects they do to help families throughout Greater Lowell + Merrimack Valley. Read the full post for the link to our soy candle gift basket if you're interested in making a bid!
  • Fern x Flow Make Their First Donation

    Part of our mission is to donate 5% of sales to help protect the earth. On Friday, January 22, 2021 we made our first donation of $100 to MassWildlife's Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program. This donation was made possible from all sales made throughout the final quarter of 2020. Read about our decision to give back to the environment and why we chose MassWildlife to receive our first donation.