About Fern x Flow

Fern x Flow, pronounced Fern and Flow, was created with two main goals; create high-quality, hand poured soy candles that are free of harmful ingredients including, paraffin wax, lead/zinc wicks, and phthalates, among others, while helping to give back to the environment.

Learn more about the differences between soy and paraffin wax, here.

Our name reflects our desire to help protect and maintain the land (Fern), water (Flow) and other natural resources we often take for granted. Five percent of all sales are donated to organizations whose mission is to help maintain and protect the world around us, including national parks, waterways and other natural resources, as well as the plant and animal life that live within these spaces.

Each quarter we announce the total amount being donated, and which organization will benefit from sales from the previous quarter.

Learn more about our first, and second donations.

Fern x Flow was founded in August 2020 in Woburn, Massachusetts by Joe Wing.